Best Nootropic for Boosting Up Your Sex Drive

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Really Nootropic Help Your SEX

We know that we use  Best Nootropics because they can assist us to increase our capacity for memory, boosting up cognition, and increasing our focus. But do we know that some nootropics increase our libido as well? Libido is our emotional and physiological aspect of the sex drive.

People who have become depressed often experience a bit decrease in libido. Another reason can be hormonal imbalances that cause by high-stress level.

Women and men have their sexual desires in different ways. This should not regard as a shock. However, the parasympathetic systems of nerve coming into force with both genders.

This system is very responsible for the dispersal of epinephrine’s, dopamines, and norepinephrines. This chemical creates a pleasant feeling of sexual arousal, desires, and motivations.

Best Nootropics Will Boost Your Libido 

Here is the list of best nootropics that will consider when you are looking to boost up your libido. We’re trying to focus solely on enzyme and neurotransmitter, as they are the most closely linked to sexual desires.

This is the neurotransmitter and it is solely responsible for increasing your focus, the capability to learn, and long & short-term memory. It is essential for a multitude of cognitive function. It is the seriously vital piece of our brain’s chemistry. Because it is deeply involved with the para-sympathetic systems, it may drastically develop your sex drives. Basically, acetylcholine help transmits signal. The better the transmissions are, the better the connections will be.


This is an enzyme’s responsibility for breaking down acetylcholine inside our brain. Now, we have just learned that acetylcholine is very essential, so we need to stop acetylcholine steerage from doing its damages. Try to take a supplement such as Huperzine A to put an end from the damaging effect of this enzyme.


Here we have another neurotransmitter. It is also responsible for good feeling you will experience. When you will encounter a positive stimulus, we know that serotonin is released. It makes you feel good. It also helps you sleep better and reduces the level of stress. This is an essential for your libido.


This is such a neurotransmitter that is well known as a libido booster. It’s the same as to the serotonin. For example, it makes you feel good when your dopamine levels will decrease and that is your libido. Dopamine helps you get rid of your anxiety and naturally makes you feel better about yourself. Its positive effect relating to the body is almost too many to count.

Other Natural Options

If you are still in a hesitating situation to take a drug, there are natural remedies for you that have proved to increase sexual urges. Here is the list of the two most common and popular natural nootropics below.


This is the herb which people have been using by a practitioner of Chinese medicine for many centuries. Ginseng generally increases nitric oxide, which is a common factor of popularly prescribed drugs for impotence. It helps us to improve our mood, helps us to become aroused, and gradually increases your libido.


This is another popular herb from the shelves of Chinese medicines. They commonly implemented it for the people who look to generate their brain power or try to increase their concentration. Some studies have already indicated that it could help to increase a person’s libido as well.

Side Effects:

One of the major qualifications of the nootropics is that they are non-toxic and safe for the human brain. These may include Choline, Aniracetam, Noopept, Piracetam, and others. Several studies have established that they are safe and there is a low risk for the side effect. Most of them don’t have any complication with the current health condition.  

They don’t seem to be habit-forming as well or cause the symptom of the withdrawal of people discontinues the best brain-boosting supplement. But it is always our recommendation that you talk to your doctor before taking anything new. This is also the same to you before taking a Nootropic.

The Minor Side Effects:

It is very rare to experience any side effect by taking Nootropics. Sometimes in an initial stage of consumption, you might find some issues but they often are really very minor. If you have doses more than the normal doses, you might have the experience of some side effects such as-

  1. Gastrointestinal issues
  2. Headaches
  3. Insomnia
  4. Fatigue and
  5. Anxiety.

But the side effect that people commonly reported is minor headaches. They might occur in the initial stage. If you take overdoses than that of the recommended dosage, it may happen. The Same thing can happen on your intestinal system. You might experience diarrhea and nausea or just some other stomach discomforts.

We advise you to go back to normal dosages and feel that they have gone away. If these side effects continue, just stop using supplement until symptom subsides. After a headache subsides, you may try to take them again. You might also try nootropics that are more concentrated because they may not cause as much problem for your GI tracts due to a smaller dosage. So this is the best brain boosting supplement when you will have the experience of it.

Exact Time to Take Nootropics:

People take some nootropics to improve alertness and make their energy level higher. Sometimes this may cause an issue especially if you take them too soon before going to the bed. Timing is very much important so that this will not happen. To prevent every little chance of insomnia or fatigued, take the top nootropics in the morning or you can take them early afternoon. If you have to take your nootropics later than the recommendation, try to combine them with other supplements that promote sleep. Perhaps try to take melatonin, pen but, inositol, or L-theanine with the other nootropics and observe if they can help.

These drugs are also safe to have them daily if needed. It is the best suggestion to balance your supplement with the use of energizing nootropics for the productivity and the relaxing. There are some nootropics that cause you fatigue. Usually, this is for taking an over dosages on your energizing supplement.

Then you will feel the “crash” for a few hours later. Try to use less, to begin with, or you should take your dosage in the intervals to prevent your ups and downs. If this doesn’t work, just stop the supplements for a while and then have a try again.

So think is nootropic better for you or not!!!!

I think it’s time to take best nootropics supplement. Find out your best nootropics supplement

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