How to Choose Best Soccer Cleats

soccer cleats

How To Choose Your Best Pair

So you are a soccer player or you intend to start playing sometime soon, and you need soccer cleats of high and the best quality. To make the choice of the best soccer cleats, you would need to have your gameplay level in mind and be looking for ways to step it up. To do these, you need to consider a number of factors which will be highlighted in this article.

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Price range


Cleats come at different prices and these prices range from the low-priced cleats to the high-priced ones that are worn by professional soccer players. This is the first thing you should do; look at your budget and check out the cleats that fall within the price range that your budget can afford. Price, of course, is not the only factor to consider, you still have to spend a reasonable amount which you can afford on the soccer cleats you want to buy.


A lot of people have a brand that they prefer. Each brand has a unique feature that makes it different from another brand. If there is a particular feature you are looking for, then not all brands will appeal to you. This way, you can have limited options

Type of store why you Purchase soccer cleats

There is a reason why some stores are well-known while some are tagged reputable. Also, depending on the internet to buy your cleats is not a very good idea; there are physical stores that sell high-quality sports goods. Check out as many as you can so you can see all the products they have, compare prices and try on anyone that catches your fancy. Some stores even have designated staff members to help players choose the right cleat. There are stores that offer discounts on cleats, but you should understand that most times these cleats often have low quality and are suitable for only casual soccer players.

Molded or Detachable Cleat

Cleats are two basic types; the molded cleats and the detachable cleats. Molded cleats have plastic or rubber soles. This is the most common amongst American soccer players. Molded cleats cannot be taken off the shoe so you have to make sure they fit properly on your feet. Detachable cleats, on the other hand, can have their studs removed. This way you can choose the most suitable studs for you instead of finding studs that meet all requirements.

With detachable cleats, you can also change between rubber, metal and plastic studs for different kinds of ground or field.

Texture of the ground

Cleats are made for different types of fields such as firm ground, hard ground, and soft ground. Knowing the type of field, you would be playing on is very important so you can buy the correct cleat for the intended ground type. Cleats are made from different materials depending on the type of ground they can be used on. The most common types of cleats are the firm ground cleats as they can be used on a variety of surfaces.


Cleats are made from different materials and these materials determine how comfortable the cleats would be. Different people have different preferences but leather is the most preferred amongst a large percentage of soccer players because it does not chaff and because it is flexible. Leather also does not get stretched in damp conditions.


Cleats are worn during a player’s most active moment and poor-fitting cleats could affect the performance of a player, the overall outcome of a game or even cause injury to the player. So, it is important to try on the cleats with all of your playing gear to ensure they are the perfect fit for you. This also captures the comfortability factor. How your cleats fit determines how comfortable they will feel while in action.


It could be a Herculean task to find the best soccer cleats but you sure will find them if you look for them in the right places and in the right way. The next thing you will need to worry about is how to maintain your cleats. You should know that they are to be worn only during practice and games.

Walking in them can make them wear out quickly. Even make the studs uneven which can damage your balance and make you fall or get injured. Your cleats should be properly cleaned too. Your cleats help protect your feet and make you perform well during a game so you have one obligation, and that is to make sure you have the right one and keep it properly.

You cannot ignore how important cleats are no matter the level at which you are playing soccer. Whether professional or casual, the right pair of cleats will make all the difference in your career.

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