What is profile link? Importance of Profile Link | Updated List

profile linking

 Is Profile Link Helpful?

Creating a profile link is a great technique used by SEO professionals do follow /no follow backlinks from a high authority website.

Some of these methods are Article posting, Blog posting, Blog commenting, Bookmarking, profile linking, etc. Every method is important and is used according to a strategy. While using these methods the PageRank (PR) also big matters.

Where you make your profile?


profile link


Profile linking is also one of the important method used in link building. Using profile linking we can create a backlink for the site. In profile link, you simply add your website’s URL to a personal, professional or any business profile, which you create on different sites. These profiles can also be created on forums, social media sites or any other kind of websites

How you make your profile

Open your favorite browser and search profile creation site list then you see many many posts. Choose a post and open, and find out the sites list and make a primary list. Then go to the site and click signup option.  Then choose a profile name and choose your email provider.  Set up a strong password and start creating your profile.  Then you get a verification email from the website, so, go to your email account and open the mail and click verification link for approving your profile account.

How to set up the account?

It’s a very Simple matter if you are  SEO professional otherwise click editing your profile option and setup account. Mind it When you will edit account then provide the right information and set up carefully every option as about, interest, birth date, ICQ no, Profession and other social account links. Others social account link is very important for your strong profile as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google plus, Buffer, Pinterest Etc. If you have any personal website or blog then you must put the link at home page option. All SEO professional create profile link for linking his personal blog or site. This homepage link is the very strong link. Even if you can nursing your profile to maintain the website rule then never lost the link.  Below I create a great list for you, where you can create your profile link.

Profile linking list

Google plusAmazon KDP,  Sony, Trello, TED, Diigo, Clarivate Community, N4G, Visual, Mogol, Quibblo, Minds, Knoji, StackExchange, SavvysmePlaybuzz, BuzzfeedAskfm, Lookbook, Pexels, Dealspotr, IndiehackersMy SpaceItsmy URLYemlePure VolumeAuthorstreamPost-images, Uberant, Top Blog, Taringa, Trepup, Google Shortener, Metafilter, Genius  Yahoo,  GeniusARThoodLookBook,

Also, you will get many high DA /PA site as Quora, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, But these websites give you backlink after many days later,  So I think if you need backlink within the short time than must check my list and make your profile.

High Authority profile link site

TheB9.com Page.tl N4G.com E-Learning Heroes TurnKey Rooster Teeth  Cowchop CureZone Discogs Tweakit.org

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