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Using Yogurt and Be Happy

Nowadays, it is really not hard to crave yogurt and rush down to the nearest grocery store to get it. It is, however, important to note that sometimes. You may be craving yogurt at a time that no grocery store in your area will be opened. Thus, it becomes important to learn how to make yogurt available for consumption whenever it is craved. This is, in fact, one of the major facts that necessitate homemade recipes for yogurt. In this article, we will be focusing on giving explicit details about how to make yogurt, what you will need, required equipment and the steps to follow. Therefore, if you are looking for means to save some grocery money as well as the time and energy, then this article is for you.

What you need (ingredients)


You really do not need too many ingredients when you want to start making your yogurt. All you need to start with is half a gallon of milk and not more than half a cup of yogurts. It really doesn’t matter if you are not able to get whole milk since 2% milk or skimmed milk makes as much thick and creamy yogurt as whole milk does. It is important that you try to stick to making your yogurts plain by avoiding the use of any flavorings. There are several cultures, but it is important that you ensure that while buying yogurt, you buy the one that has live active yogurt cultures in its ingredients because this among others is what actually turns milk to yogurts.

You also need to get some canning jars with a lid to use as storage for your yogurt when you are done.

Equipment that you need to make

There is really no need to go about purchasing huge and expensive yogurt equipment. All that is relevant and required for the making is just a large covered pot and an incubator. However, a dehydrator can simply be used to in place of the incubator or you can make use of crock pot, heating pad, yogurt maker or an oven. This is needed to maintain the temperature of the milk by keeping it cozy while the bacteria work on the milk and turns it into yogurt.

You also need to get a whisk, small measuring cups. And instant-read thermometer or a candy thermometer that can sit comfortably at the side or on top of the pot to keep you informed about the current temperature of the milk.

After you have gotten all the aforementioned items that are necessary for the basic method of making homemade yogurt, you can then begin to find ways to tweak, such that you get to add gelatin to make it thicker or dry milk. Additionally, making use of different types of pre made yogurt or starter to culture the milk have some nutritional benefits that it offers as well as additional flavors. Benefits of yogurt

Summary of ingredients you need and equipment

1. A half gallon of milk (can either be whole, 2% skimmed or raw milk) – this makes about 2 quarts of yogurts.

2. Half a cup of yogurt (commercial yogurt or pre made yogurt) – this must contain active live cultures so as to ensure that the yogurt forms very well.

3. Whisk – to whip the milk

4. Measuring cups of bowls – this is better if it’s in small sizes.

5. Thermometer (either a candy thermometer or an instant-read thermometer) – to measure or keep a constant watch on the temperature of the milk.

6. Incubator (can either be a crock pot, yogurt maker, dehydrator or an oven).

Steps to make your yogurt


● The first thing you need to get done after you have gotten all your ingredients. And your equipment ready is to heat up your milk. Simply pour the milk into a stainless steel pan and heat up on medium heat for few minutes. And until the temperature of the milk is exactly at 180°F. Then begin to stir the milk gently while heating up to make sure that there are no scorches. At the bottom of the stainless steel pan and also prevent the milk from over-boiling. This step is simply to alter the protein structure of the milk from separating to a more solid form.  This is the yogurt way.

● You can leave the milk in the stainless steel pan or pour it into canning jars and wait for it to cool off. At least till it is only warm to touch or drops to a temperature between 112°F or 115°F. While cooling the milk, keep stirring so as to prevent any skin from forming up. Which although can be quickly stirred back or removed and use for the snack. To quicken this step, the heated milk can be placed inside a cold bucket of water or on ice cubes.

● Now, it is time to thin the yogurt (culture) with the milk. Gently add 2 tablespoons of yogurts into a quart and stir gently till the yogurt incorporates into the milk.

● Place the stainless steel pot or the canning jars containing each quart into the oven. And turn on the light and ensure that the heat the oven generates does not exceed 110°F. This step can be done using the dehydrator or a yogurt maker if you have any of each.

● Keep a constant watch on the oven and while you wait for your yogurts to be ready. Leave the yogurt for about 4 hours or throughout the night. This is because the longer the yogurt sits, the thicker it gets. Note that the number of hours depends solely on the cultures that are using. Preference and the temperature of the yogurt. Do not jostle the yogurt or stir it too much until it is fully set and immediately. It reaches the thickness level or consistency that you want. Irrespective of the number of hours it has using simply end the whole process.


● Once the yogurts have reached your preference or taste, take it out of the oven and start cooling. There’s bound to be some watery whey at the top of the yogurt. You can just drain it off by using cheese clothes for a more consistent thickness or just whisk it back into the yogurts. Then keep it refrigerate and enjoy.


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