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Introduction Of Buying Walking And Running Shoes

The members of our experimental panel have experimented over 25 of shoe brand, which is involved in miles of walking, running. The members tasted the shoes on the road or pavement, in the gym and also in the laboratory. We have noticed that whether the edge of the shoe is relaxing enough to let your ball of the foot pushed off smoothly. Also, we take note of the stability of your shoe which can control your motion of the ankle. The experts also take note of the shock absorption of the heel and forefoot, the most impact able areas of your foot. We also checked the capability of abounding of moisture, means the breathability of shoes. Another important factor is weight. The lighter the better, but without compromising with padding and stability.

The Outcome Of Athletic Shoe:

We found that many people purchase the athletic shoe from different stores on the basis of some other people recommendation, which is not right. In that case, they are most unlikely to get the perfect shoe for themselves, as the walking and running shoes differ from person to person. One that gives comforts to one doesn’t give you the surety that it will give comfort to you. So always take the bits of advice of experts in buying walking and running shoes. Then it will help you to do your activity or work out properly.

A new invention by the shoe manufacturers is a minimalist shoe, which they named “barefoot”.  This type of shoe has the thinner sole, more flexible and has less padding than the traditional shoes. This kind of shoes will provide you less protection but will permit you to move naturally without any resistance. But the below guideline is only for the traditional shoes.

Explore Your Manner Of Walking:

walking shoe buying guide

The makers provide walking and running shoes for every individual with different walking style. There are various types of mannerism of walking. One type is the feet roll inward a lot, which we called overpronate. In this case, the person needs a shoe with motion control and stabilizing. Shoes with these qualities may ease your this problem. Another gait is oversupinate, where the feet feel mostly on the outside edge.

In this case, shoes with padding are the best. it will absorb the shock to the highest level to produce you the most comfortable. the feature of overpronators is low arch and the high one is the feature of underpronators. We advise you to take the shoe which suits you the best, while you are going to buy a new one. An expert salesman can help you to find you the best one for you by seeing your old shoes pattern.

Have The Perfect Fit:

Fitting of the shoe is the first foremost thing while you are buying an athletic shoe. A non-fitting shoe can cause various problems like joint pain, painful feet. Obviously, it will cause discomfort while you are running or walking. It also hampers motion control padding less effective. Generally, our feet tend to swell at the end of the day after a whole day walk. So try to buy shoes at the end of the day.

That will make sure that you have the right measurement for your feet. Otherwise, after a long walk, you can find your shoes too tight. Always remember to wear the shocks while buying a new pair that you usually wear during daily activities. Watch out for the rough spots, bumps, and seams in the inside part of the shoe. It also must look good while intact.

Test Before Buy:

If possible ask the authorized person of the shop that you will want to buy the shoe after use it. For a little time in the gym where you work out or walk on the same road where you work daily. If it fits you in those conditions then you will take it, otherwise, you will return it. If that is not possible work on the shop area or in the front pavement. But don’t buy any pair without testing it.


Some people feet sores while walking and running. To these kinds of people, we recommend orthotics. Orthotics means a custom made the thing that you can put inside the shoe for comfort. But this item may be costly and you may have to compromise in the case of cushioning. Try to solve your problem without the help of orthotics. Try new shoes or a new category.

Category Of Running Shoe:

best running shoe

For walking, running and cross training one can go with any shoes that he feel comforts with, but taking consideration of the stability and padding of the shoe. But various shoes are required for various sports. It depends on what the sports demand from you. Let us talk about the various category of shoes in below.

Features Of Running Shoe:

The appearance of a running and walking shoe may look the same but there are some differences in those types of shoes. A genuine running shoe has extra padding in it and also return one and a half to three times force that your weight generate. Easy flexibility with enough stability is another feature that a running shoe must possess. The outsole has to be solid to provide durability alongside with good traction.

Qualities Of Walking Shoe:

Walking shoe must provide extra padding for comfort. Also, the flexible soles manufactured for the low impact while walking, which will permit you to roll from toe to heel. This type of shoes is the most perfect for those people who walk regularly for fitness.

Features Of Cross-Trainers:

cross training shoe

The cross-trainer shoes work as the money-saving medium of the common people because one can use the cross-trainer shoes as walking shoes and also can use it as sports shoes for playing sports like tennis or basketball. But take note that it will not fulfill the full requirements of either walking shoe or sports shoe.

Shoes For Sports:

It is very important to choose the best sports shoe for the particular sports you are playing. Different sports demand different workout. And there are specialized shoes for each individual sports. For example, you need spike on your shoes while playing cricket. Basketball is another example of sports where specialized shoes are essential. Players of basketball need ankle support more than any other players of other sports. It also needs the ability of sudden start and abrupt stop. At the same time, they provide a great grip on the playing surface. And the basketball available in the market contains all these qualities.

Qualities Of Athletic Shoes:

Some essential qualities of athletic shoes are given below;

  • Lightweight
  • Stability
  • Has breathable space
  • Squishy material in the midsole for cushioning
  • Flexible

Shoes with above mention qualities will lessen the bad effect on the bones and joints.


running shoe - sole

The sole of a shoe contains three parts, they are the outsole, midsole, and the insole. The outsole means the bottom sole usually made by carbon rubber so that it can survive long. It has the qualities of flexibility, grooved and traction. The duty of the midsole is to provide cushioning to the foot with the help of a squishy material. It also absorbs shock. The insole directly touches the feet have some more cushioning with extra shock absorbing ability. You can remove and wash the insole of many shoes.

Upper Portion: 

Upper level means the parts that start where the insole ends. The front part of the upper portion is called toe box, has a half inch space for comfort. Usually, this portion is made by synthetics though some use leather also. The other part is the heel area, which responsibility is to prevent the shoe from slipping. If your feet sweat a lot, look for the breathable shoe.


Mostly used for lacing materials are plastic, fabric or metal, which tightened the shoes better than ever. There are two types of lacing, flat and round. Flat laces tightened more than the round one.


If you have to wear your shoes for the whole day long, you want your shoe to be comfortable at the same time it should have a classy look. But the matter of regret that these kind of shoes are hard to find, which is comfortable and stylish at the same time. Some sneakers can fulfill your requirements.


If you are a regular jogger, who jogs every day at dawn or dust, must have a reflector in your shoe. The uppers will reflect the headlights of a car. Supplementary reflectors and reflective clothing are used in this reflectors.

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