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Is the Dog name important?



Are you still thinking about the best name for the newest addition to your family? Do you know that the name you will pick out for your dog may reflect how you perceive your dog—names like Max and Betsy might mean you treat your dog no different than a child. While names like Champ or Hunter might denote the dog’s niche in society?

There are also dog names which are quite unique and catchy such as Bebo or Bubah. But there are dog owners who feel comfortable with classic names such as Buddy and Maggie. Others stick to Blackie or Spot to single out a dog’s quality while Happy or Grumpy can signify a pet dog’s personality.


Pick up the advice:


If you are still losing sleep on what would be the coolest name you can give your pet. Here are some things to remember—

  • Stick to names containing one or two syllables. Think about the difficulty you might have when you try catching your dog’s attention. In the dog park by yelling “Cruella De Vil” or “Memphis Belle”.
  • If you really want a long name for your dog, have a “call name” that is shorter and easier. Dogs with pedigree papers, particularly show dogs, often have a long phrase for a name. Which will often include their titles and kennel names.
  • Most often it is easier to stick to a classic name such as Belle or Duke. Particularly when you love tagging him along in public. Think about the looks you will get when you call your dog “Killer” or “Meat Head” in a crowded place.
  • If you want to go down the path less traveled. You can choose creative and unique names that can stand out and be easily remembered.
  • Remember you will be calling out your pet’s name well over 30,000 times, so choose well and be sure to check the meaning before making the final decision.


Picking out a name for your dog is certainly daunting but definitely fulfilling. At first, you would certainly be besieged by a lot of choices and you’ll find it difficult to choose the best one. That will suit your fancy. However, the key to selecting the best name for your pet is to make the “name my pet” activity an enjoyable exercise.

You might have known by now that the most popular dog names in the US are Molly and Maggie for females. While it is Max and Jake for males. For some, naming their dogs may be a spur of the moment decision. However, some choose to take it slow by observing their dog and learning a little bit. About its personality before finally picking out the best dog name.

Top fifty Male dog name:

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            Max          Casey        Amber              Digby          Raisin
           Jake          Angel           Cody            Anastasia          Keepers
           Saga          Brandy        Ruffles               Buster            Yule
           Bear           Duke        Yo-yo               Aspen           Wanda
        Calamity          Charlie         Alpha              Tinker           Heiress
         Shadow           Bandit        Sorbet                Baily           Danu
          Calico           Jack        Sangria             Hammer            Dash
           Lucky           Harly         Rusty              Kermit           Buddy
           Rocky          Alpha          Sam                Hilda           Tutu
          Candy         Winston         Cabaret              Sasha           Yoda

Top fifty Female dog name:

dog name


        Maggie           Brandy           Ruby             Belle          Odyssey
          Bear            Bandit           Tara              Babe          Wanda
           Molly           Ginger           Katie              Daisy            Zeke
         Shadow            Abby           Annie              Fancy          Quiche
          Lady            Sascha           Nellie              Happy            Zuni
           Sadie             Sandy          Isabelle             Harmony           Kona
           Lucky             Sandra            Inky              Heidi          vinnie
          Lucy             Murphy          Queeny             Fedora           Flora
          Lucia              Pepper           Pansy               Bina           Ollie
          Daisy             Dakota         Mandy              Diva             Kiki


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