Best and Updated Bookmarking Site List 2018

Social bookmarking sites list 2018 updated

What is Bookmark?

Bookmarkings is a way to save, organize, search and manage Web posts “bookmarks”. Users use a social bookmarking site to store these links, save links to web pages they like or share. These bookmarks are usually public. And they can be viewed by other members where they are attached post link. Below some example of bookmarking site list.

  1. StumbleUpon
  2. Reddit
  3. Slashdot 
  4. CiteULike
  6. Plurk 
  7. Fark
  8. Pearltrees 
  10. Instapaper

How can Social Book-marking help with your website promotion?

Most social bookmark websites are organized by users by applying “tags” or keywords to a website’s content. This means that another user can view the bookmarks associated with a selected tag and view information about the number of users with their bookmarks. In many cases, users can comment or vote on bookmark items.

Social bookmark site can give you quality traffic
Social bookmark is the easiest way to build one-way links to your website.
If you can post interesting content then Increase Subscribers.
Google tends to crawl your website faster.

How you collect Social Bookmarking site?

It’s a very good question, How you collect? No problem- I think,  you know about bookmarkng or not, but you need the bookmark for your website post. There are many websites on the internet which are providing lists.  So doesn’t matter, open a new tab and write this type of keyword for search-

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High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List
Social Bookmarking Sites list
High DR social bookmarking site list
Free social bookmarking sites list
Top Social Bookmarking site 


After collecting the site list you must Check all the site of them working or not. And these sites are indexed by Google or not. Otherwise, you will lose your valuable time. 

Below I create a list of you which are completely Update.

Google    Metafilter   Bizsugar  Citeulike  Myspace  Fark   Plurk   Webseoexpert    Linkarena   Blinklist   Dzone   Folkd   Disqus   Lockerdome  Slashdot  Digg   Pearltress   Metafilter  Feedspot  Mendeley   Foursquare   Boingboing    Techdirt  Instapaper   Facebook   Hubpages    Bloomberg   Blogmarks    Dupioneer    Lymelightwebs   Aixindashi   URL  News    Blogregator   Whitelinks    Ttlink   Mettablog    Linkologia   My Site  Ihaan   Yemle   Shop Bookmark   Mettablog    Journal hub     Addthismark   London8  The top link  Jofrati   Gardicanin   Freelink   Video   Votetags   1look4   ShetoldMe     Mysitevote  Bloglovin  Segnalo  Diggo   Addurlfree   VisualizeUs  Weheartit  Visualize  Polyvore  Submit free Go to 


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