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I am a simple man
and I am an extremely hard worker that pays attention the details. I think Every position I have my work ethic has helped me stand out my Passion.

My name is Syed Mostafizer Rahman Tutul and I am the Chief Content Editor of below these websites.

I am a passionate health junkie and
I love learning and sharing my obtaining knowledge about nutrition, well-being, fitness and other topics also I have a degree in Nutritional Science. And my all articles are based on nutrition and women health related. If you want to find out how to live a healthier life, keep reading my website.

Women Probiotic and Vitamin C

And I have a second job Which is technology news. I have little knowledge about 4k action camera.  My other tech site…

4kgopro.com and iPhone  Best Case also AliveLaugh is our Business website. Very shortly we are publishing a new website For our young generation Mens caresBeard Style and best10top product.

Sometimes I am a social worker when I am unable writing & perform other work.

Favorite authors are
Arik Maria remark, Qazi Anwar Husain, Gary Brandner, Anne Rice, Richard Laymon.
My Favorite singer is John Denver.
My Favorite color  Blue.

Syed Tutul journal  

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My Favorite Quote

So when the time gets hard
And there’s no way to turn 
As He promised
He will always be there 
To bless us with His love 
And His mercy ’cause 
As He promised 
He will always be there 
He’s always watching us, guiding us 
And He knows what’s deep in our hearts
So when you lose your way
To Allah, you should turn 
‘Cause as He promised
He will always be there 

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