Type of Dog Foods and Importance of Dry Food

Why it’s Important?

There is absolutely nothing like the amazing and feeling of fulfillment that pet lovers get when adopting a dog. The imagination about the tons of exciting things you will do together with the dog, how the dog will live, what to name the dog and much more tends to be unending as the list keeps going up. Some pet owners simply think feeding a dog is to get them stale foods to eat. As easy as that sounds, it is important to understand the nutritional needs of the dog and this is where the decision to choose the most suitable dog food becomes a bit difficult.


However, the choice of food is entirely up to you as the dog owner as long as you are able to understand the needs of the dogs and put some factors into consideration such as the kind of diet that the dog is already used to, the food budget which you have set for the dog and most importantly the nutritional needs of the dogs. If any of these seems strange to you, you can simply pay a visit to your veterinarian to help you further understand everything about what the dog needs.

Behind The Reasons

This is one of the reasons that necessitate understanding all the types of dog foods. That are available as well as all the merits and demerits of those foods. This article will give extensive details. About four different types of dog foods which have been tested and proven to be the top best choices suitable for dogs. There have been several studies about commercial pet foods and each of them have proven that every dog requires being fed with over 30 nutrients per day. Some stores are often fond of selling balanced and complete products with respect to age or breed of the dog such that it will be stated on the label of such product that is balanced and complete. This means that such product contains all the essential and required nutrients. Below are the types of dog foods and explicit details about each one.

1.Dry dog food

A very good and one of the most popular examples of dry dog foods is kibble. Any dog food with low moisture content categorized as dry dog food and they are very common to be in form of kibble but they can also include flake foods, mixers or biscuits. Being the most economical diet available for dog food. Kibble is the most popular option that pet owners go out for.


However, there are several other benefits that are attached to dry dog foods. Such as the crunchiness which keeps the dog’s teeth clean. Allows you to maintain a single container for storage, there’s no need to refrigerate. Lasts longer and therefore doesn’t expire quickly. Dry dog foods tend to make the dog consume more water, this is because the food contains less moisture content.

2.Moist dog food

The moisture content present in this type of dog food is higher than that of kibble and thus have an entire texture from it. Moist dog food is most suitable for dogs who have dental problems or senior dogs because it’s a bit soggy and does not need to be chewed. It requires cooking and has a pre-determined temperature that is needed to sterilize it.

Most dog foods are often more expensive and sure to the level of moisture. Content they tend to have a short life span; that is, they cannot be stored for a long period. It is often referred to as canned foods as it is mostly found in cans and the food containers may be in form of meatloaf or chunks in gravy or jelly.

This type of dog food requires more attention during the preparation. Because the water content reduces the nutrients, therefore, it is important to watch the level of water you add so as not to lose too many nutrients.

3.Semi-moist dog foods

This type of dog food is not often recommended. And it is not as popular as the aforementioned ones because it contains fewer nutrients. This is due to the fact that Semi-moist dog food has artificial flavors and colors. They usually look like pallets and are often packed in sachets. It is extremely important that you seek the advice of your veterinarian. Before choosing the type of dog food as it may not be the best option for your dog’s diet.

4.Frozen dog food

This type of dog food is found to be very healthy as they are usually raw and come in frozen forms. Which is solely for sanitary porpoise. Because they are vulnerable to the growth of bacteria.If they are not stored in a cold place. Nowadays, experts are found to be recommending this type of dog food due to the high nutritional value it has. It is expensive. It cannot be stored for as long as you can store a dry dog food and it must be handled safely to avoid tampering with its nutrients.

At the End

In conclusion, adopting a dog is not as hard as feeding it and keeping it healthy. Whenever it is necessary, ensure you change your dog’s diet so as to avoid any form of complications. And also find a way to understand the dietary needs of your pet. As this will help you to make the best choice of dog food type. Which will not only make your dog happier but healthier as well.

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