What Is The Best Vitamin For Energy And Weight Loss?

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How To Weight Loss And Boost Energy

When it comes to losing weight, there are no magic pills that can take away all the excess fats in your body at once. However, getting enough vitamins from your daily diet could make it easier for you to maintain healthy body weight. Vitamin deficiencies can leave you feeling tired and also be making it hard for you to weight loss.

Think about being able to gain energy and lose weight simultaneously, sounds good right? There is no need to think much about how impossible it is for you to get both using same supplements to take care of this. Vitamins are the best energy supplement that also helps with weight loss.

It is important that you include vitamin B-complex, carbohydrates as well as proteins to help with your weight loss and increased energy. Vitamin supplementation plays a crucial role in promoting and maintaining a reasonable increased energy level and weight loss.

In this article, we will be enlightening on you on the benefits of some vitamins and how effective they are in increasing energy and losing weight.

Vitamin B-5


Vitamin B-5, which is also known as pantothenic acid is one of the most important coenzymes.  Which help to generate energy from carbs, fat, and proteins. By maintaining an adequate energy level as well as metabolizing fats also contributes to the success of weight loss. Vitamin B-5 may be found in foods such as yogurt, sweet potatoes, avocados, milk, raw mushrooms, and chicken.


Folic acid

folic acid benefits

This is also known as vitamin B-9 or folate; it is a water-soluble vitamin B-complex which is necessary for metabolizing the DNA, amino acids, and RNA. For muscle growth and healthy body, among other things needed, protein is essential as in increased muscle mass helps to increase the energy in the body and weight loss. You can get folic acid from foods such as orange juice, pasta, cereals, rice bran oil, lentils, fortified slices of bread, spinach and garbanzo beans.


Vitamin B-12


The only B-complex vitamin that carries cobalt and metal ion is vitamin B-12. The cobalt component that is present in vitamin B-12 plays an important role in the synthesis of hemoglobin which is the pigment that helps to carry oxygen in the blood and also for producing energy from both fats and protein. The good thing about this process is the fact that it can contribute a lot to increased energy and weight loss. Most vegetarian diets usually require the supplements of vitamin B-12, and they can be found in food such as shellfish, meat, poultry, and fish.

Vitamin D

best source of vitamin d

The sun can give you all the vitamin D that your body requires but most people spend more time indoors than they do outdoors. Vitamin D is very crucial for a healthy immune system. Although, the real role that vitamin D plays in weight loss remains unclear, but study reveals that most fat or obese people have very low level of vitamin D in their body and those of them that actually take vitamin D as a supplement lost a significant amount of stomach fats when compared to others who are not taking any supplement for their weight loss.

The best-known source of vitamin D is the sun, but still, you can get vitamin D from foods like sardines, tuna, cod liver oil, egg yolk, fortified cereals and many other fortified foods. Mostly, it is difficult to get enough vitamin D that your body requires. Thus supplements are usually recommended. The truth is, maintaining an adequate level of vitamin D in your body may help to prevent depression. Therefore, if you are the type that spends more time indoors than you do outside, kindly try to get prescription for vitamin D supplement from your doctor.


Vitamin C

vitamin c

Vitamins C is commonly known to be the best treatment for the cold. But it has other jobs which include maintaining a reasonable energy level. So that will help to facilitate a metabolism that functions perfectly. Vitamin C helps to convert glucose to energy in the body. And it is an antioxidant which blocks free-radicals from damages. That is the by-products that are left after the body has transformed the food into energy. For tissue growth and repairs, stress reduction. And collagen formation and also repair of damaged cells as a result of aging. Vitamin C plays a crucial role, and it is the easiest vitamin to come across. So if you are ready, then you can start by ensuring that you maintain an adequate level of vitamin C. As this does not only give you a healthy body but also increase your energy level.




In the event of finding the right supplement for increased energy level as well as weight loss. Research has shown that vitamins may be the right answer to this. However, for weight loss, you need to modify your exercise. As well as your calories intake daily for this to be a dream come true.

The required vitamins required for increased energy level and loss of weight is dependent on the food you eat. This means that the required vitamin. Though should come from food and you can easily fill in the gaps in your diet. As a result of limiting your calorie intake by simply taking vitamin supplements.

Lastly, taking vitamin supplements may provide you with the necessary energy as well as a maintained level of weight loss. But you also need to reduce fatigue, maintain a positive mood at all times and also manage the number of stressful things you engage in on a daily basis.

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