A complete comparison Between Wireless Ear buds vs Wearable Headphone

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The Debate on wireless ear bud vs wearable headphone

The debate on wireless earbuds vs wearable headphone is always on the fire. There is no visualized sign of ending the debate in the near future. The emergence of iPhone7 without a headphone point has actually fuelled the debate. Grand View Research, a market research firm, has made a prediction that by 2024 the global headphones and earphones market will be of 15.05 billion dollars. The prediction makes it clear that more and more designed headphones are waiting to be in the market. This shows that the debate on wireless ear bud vs wearable headphone will be louder in future.

What are Wireless earbuds?

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The wireless earbuds are connecting to the device without using a wire or cable. It uses in stereo speaker, smart phones, gaming console, television, different electronic devices or computer.  It transmits audio signals through IR (infrared) signals or radio. The medium of transmission depends on the device. Generally, there is no cushion in the earbuds. They are held in the place by concha ridge just at the center of the outer ear. They never sit inside the ear canal like others. Sometimes, there are loops or wings in the earbuds. Those help to tuck under the ears ridges to keep those in the place.

For work and play about millions of people over the world using a wireless ear bud. From fitness centers to call centers, it uses every day. As there is no worry about the cord, it is very popular with the gamers. It frees the users to move around. The freedom of wireless ear bud can also be taken during a workout at a gym or before the TV in the living room. People watching late-night television, are also the fan of this.

What is wearable Headphone?

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The wearable headphone is the headphone that can be worn. Generally, here 2 ear phones are connected with each other with a thick and strong wire type belt. This type of headphone is kept in the place because the wire type belt works like elastic. It holds strongly on both ears. Generally, the wearable headphones are cushioned. So, it always provides extra comfort to the ears. To provide such comfort the wearable headphones sometimes offer different types of ear cushions and sizes. Generally, the cushions made of rubber, foam, and silicone.

Comparison between Wireless Earbuds and Wireable Headphone

There are some basic differences between the wireless ear bud and wearable headphone. Here is an attempt to clarify the differences completely.

  1. Wireless earbuds are often one-size-fits for all. It may create discomfort to the users. Different people may have different size of ear ridges. So, a fixed type of ear bud can never fit securely. It may fall out frequently to some.

On the other hand, there is no such possibility in a wearable headphone. As it holds outside the ear covering the whole ear, it will always in the place.

  1. Using earbuds allow the ambient chaos enter into your ears. So, you can listen to what is going on around you. It may have a good and bad effect. This may ensure your safety during outdoor exercise like jogging or running or walking in the road. On the other hand, you may be disturbed by the sound around you when you listen to some important clip.

Wireable headphone does not allow such sound. Though you may lose some security during outdoor movement, you will not be disturbed by the surrounding sound.

  1. If you wear a wireless ear bud during sports or exercise, it may be annoying. The bud may come out of the ear and drop down.

It is not possible in the wearable headphone.

  1. Most often the earbuds can’t provide great performance like the wearable headphone. They may be the lack of bass and it may sound very tiny.

The wearable earphone is especially famous for its great base and vibrating and clear sound.

  1. In one case the earbuds are in a good place! They are less expensive than the wearable headphone.

  2. The wireless ear bud is very light to carry in the ear. You need to carry only a few grams.

But wearable headphone always comes with some weight. Sometimes, it may be irritating.

  1. To use the wireless ear bud you need to recharge the device. It is sometimes harassing and time-consuming also.

You don’t need to do such job in case of wearable headphone.

Thus, the debate on the wireless earbuds vs wearable headphone can never end. It is always on the rise and there is no possibility to decrease. Day after day some more fuels are being added to it. Actually, none can say what will happen and where it will end.However, I recommend you, If you want to use best wireless earbuds then go for your product here Best Ranking Top 10 Wireless Earbuds   

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