What Are The Reasons Behind Using A Yoga Ball Chair? Best REVIEW

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Why Are You Need Yoga Ball Chair?

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A few decades back the scientists described that the ultra-modern people would have only fingers to type. The other organs of the human body would be shrunk according to the evolution theory. They predicted this theory because they thought the twenty-first-century people would only sit down and work.  

There is no doubt that the prediction has become absolutely correct. Now the most important thing of a human life is the chair he sits to work. The office chair is now the all important piece of furniture to us. The result is ultimate. The majority of our professionals are suffering from back pain and different problems.

Every cloud has a silver lining and same is the case with this problem. As long as there is a problem, there is the solution. Yoga ball chair is the ultimate solution. This type of chair has manifold usefulness and here are those.

Here are some Reasons

Fitness regain.

Sitting on the office chair actually, kills our basic fitness level. If a yoga ball chair is used, you can do mini-workouts and stretches whenever you want. You can do that even without getting up from the chair. If you need to sit idle for 1 or 2 minutes on this chair, you can use the time in a productive way. You can have some workout or stretch. The reason is that it is much more convenient. All these will regain your lost fitness without much harassment. 

Provide a proper spine alignment

As a yoga ball is unstable, you need to move a lot to get the balance. Coincidently perfect spinal posture is the easiest way to balance with. So, your body will ultimately try to fix itself into the proper posture. This will provide you a healthy spine.

Get your balance back.

When you sit on an unstable surface for the whole time, you need to have a very good balance. As a result, your muscle reactions will also be improved. What will be the result then? A great balance-that you will enjoy also out of the office.

Improved blood circulation.

With the movement of the body the blood circular increases. It happens throughout the day. On the other hand, a traditional desk chair reduces the blood circulation to some parts of the body.

It’s amazingly funny.

How do you feel to bounce around on a yoga ball all the day long? Amazing, isn’t it? The yoga ball is certainly an amazingly funny alternative to a chair. It will provide you great fun all the day long.

Enhances your whole day movement.

To have a good sitting balance, a yoga ball always keeps you busy. You have to change your position all the time. When you turn your body 45 degrees to do something, your whole body has to be turned.

Reduces the muscle damage.

If you sit on a certain chair for a certain long period, some muscles of your sitting zone are damaged. The frequent movement of the yoga ball will help you to recover the muscle damage.

Great source to burn calorie

More calories are burnt when a body moves more at day time. Sitting on a yoga ball for the whole day burns 350 calories each day. It means that every 10 days 1 pound is lost. Isn’t it AMAZING?

6 packs!!!

The core abdominal muscle is used to help compensate for changes in balance. So, your lower-used abdominal muscles are always in use when you sit on a yoga ball chair. As you sit on the chair for the most of the time of the day, it strengthens the ab muscles of your body.

More energetic

It is a prove concept that staying in a single position makes one more tired. At the same time moving around or being active provides you more energy. Using a yoga ball chair will thus enhance your energy.


A good yoga ball chair costs from $15 to $80. Isn’t it much cheaper than an ergonomic chair?

If you don’t have any personal experience of using a yoga ball chair, do it ASAP. 

Instead of The Traditional Office Chair Is A Yoga Ball Chair A Good Idea? 



Traditional office chair has already been replacing with the yoga ball. Using yoga ball as office chair is one of the latest office ergonomics. It is done to reduce discomfort, fatigue and sitting disease. Is the idea good? Is it actually effective?

The main idea behind sitting on a yoga ball is that it increases the movement of the muscle. Because of the instability of the yoga ball, the users have to increase trunk muscle activation. It ultimately increases core strength along with improving posture. At the same time, it decreases discomfort.

Increased calorie burning is another benefit of using a yoga ball. The more the core engages the more calories to burn.

Let us find out what the health experts say about it and what the scientific evidence is.

The medical community has conducted a lot of researches on the advantages or disadvantages of yoga ball chair. Most of those researchers were on using a yoga ball chair as an office chair. They have provided the best conclusion.

Two case studies on persons having low back pain found that both persons get rid of the pain using yoga ball. On the other hand, a report of The New York Times claimed that the improvement of posture using yoga ball is less evident. 

Top 10 Best Balance Chair Balls For Exercises – 2017 Reviewed


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The feeling of sitting on a yoga ball all day long. 

Sitting on a yoga ball chair all day long is completely a different feeling. You may have some problems at the very beginning. If you can suit it, you will certainly leave your traditional yoga ball chair.But If you can’t use the yoga ball, your butt will be hurt. And for that reason, you will obviously switch back to the regular chair which is mushy by comparison.

So, you may have both positive and negative experience sitting on a yoga ball. 

Some pleasant (!!) things you enjoy sitting on a yoga ball are here.

  • You can bounce on the yoga ball chair with a nice song.

  • Bouncing on the ball will stimulate your thinking if you are kinesthetic.

  • While waiting for a page reload you can bounce on the yoga ball.

  • You can get some exercise on the spot.

  • Getting exercise will enhance your workability.

  • If you need some stretching, you need to just lean back slightly or to your required side.

  • Bouncy ball chair is a great fun.

  • You can move yourself around you very easily.

  • You can follow your fellow workers or co-workers within a very short time. 

Every action has its opposite reaction. Same as the case is here on the yoga ball chair. There are some less pleasant things sitting on the yoga ball all day long. Here they are…

  • You can’t lean back on this ball.

  • You can’t also relax.

  • Sometimes the ball chair may be too high or too low in relation to your keyboard and monitor.

  • For the maladjustment, you may raise your neck like a crane to read anything on the table.

  • For the height problem, your whole workstation may need to adjust. But you have an option of buying adjusters for this problem.

  • For bouncing too much you may have a headache.

  • In warm weather, the ball may get sticky.

  • When you get up from the ball, it may roll away.

  • During pregnancy, a yoga ball may cause disaster to you. 

Moreover, some most recent studies have found the use of a yoga ball positive. They said that the yoga ball very positively affects the dynamic and static aspects of working posture. But the old-time yoga balls (commonly used in Pilates classes) are not soothing in the working environment for at least 8 hours a day.

Again the ball chair can be unsafe because it puts all the stress of body on abdominal muscle. Besides abdominal muscles, it pressurizes the back muscle also. This may cause injury to those areas.

On the other hand, it is said that the yoga ball is similar to kneeling chair. Kneeling chair was also very popular in the early desktop computer days. This kneeling chair can harm your knees for standing more times on the knee. In this regard, yoga ball chair is safer.

Towards the fag end of the discussion, it is suggested that never try a yoga ball without the consent of a health adviser. 

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